ADNOC Group is committed to an open and transparent culture where everyone is empowered to speak up whenever our values and integrity are at risk. Your voice supports this commitment and enables the ADNOC family to continue to thrive so whenever you have a concern about a compliance issue, we encourage you to SPEAK UP.
We are listening!

Report a Concern

Takallam (which means “to speak” in Arabic) is an Ethics Helpline run by SpeakUp, an independent third party, on behalf of the ADNOC Group. ADNOC encourages anyone inside or outside the ADNOC Group to raise business ethics and integrity concerns involving ADNOC Group employees or third parties working with or for the ADNOC Group.

Who is Speakup?

SpeakUp is an independent Dutch company based in Amsterdam. They enable you to report and communicate in complete anonymity. You can do this either via their website, by using SpeakUp app or by phone (without the interference of a human operator!). SpeakUp is available 24hours per day and 365 days a year. Therefore you can use SpeakUp to leave a message or check for a response any time.

The Safest way to talk to your organisation

You can be anonymous

Your identity will not be shared with ADNOC. You are in total control of the content of the message you leave. If you do not leave your contact details, no one will know who you are.

You cannot be tracked

ADNOC has no access to you connection data. Phone details or IP-addresses will be deleted every single time and all content is encrypted using our high-grade standards.

Stay in touch

Even though you are completely anonymous, you can continue to communicate with the case handlers. You can easily follow the progress and answer any follow-up questions.


What is Takallam?

What types of concerns can I raise on Takallam?

Can my identity be discovered?

Can the company trace my connection data?

When can I expect a reply?

What happens if I can’t remember my Report Number?